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Aftercare Tips: How to Sleep After Tummy Tuck

Published by Aubrey Sohaney

If you’ve just undergone a tummy tuck surgery, congratulations! You have made a significant decision to improve your health and appearance. As with any surgery, however, there are some important aftercare tips that you need to follow to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. 

This blog post will discuss how to sleep after a tummy tuck surgery and other commonly asked questions. So keep reading to learn more!

Tip #1: How to Sleep After Tummy Tuck Surgery

As you probably know, tummy tuck surgery is an effective procedure. During the surgery, your surgeon will make incisions to remove excess skin and fat from your abdomen. In some cases, they may also need to tighten your abdominal muscles. 

This type of plastic surgery is a very invasive surgery, so it’s essential that you take the time to rest and recover afterward.

One of the most important things you can do after a tummy tuck surgery is to sleep on your back. Doing this may seem inconvenient, but it’s crucial for your tummy tuck recovery. 

Sleeping on your stomach or side can put unnecessary pressure on your incisions, leading to complications. It can also disrupt the drainage tubes often placed under the skin to help with excess fluid drainage. So be sure to sleep on your back for at least the first few nights after your surgery!

If you’re having trouble sleeping in this position, try propping yourself up with pillows. You can also use a body pillow to support your back and hips. Whatever you do, be sure you’re not putting any pressure on your incisions.

Tip #2: Should Sitting For a Long Time Be Avoided?

Another important aftercare tip is to avoid sitting for long periods. Unfortunately, doing that can also put unnecessary pressure on your incisions and disrupt drainage. 

So if you must sit, be sure to do so with a pillow under your incisions. And when you do stand up, be sure to move slowly and carefully to avoid sudden movements.

Tip #3: Do Tummy Tucks Leave Scars?

As with any surgery, a tummy tuck will leave scars. However, these scars are usually small and well-hidden. Mostly, the scars will be hidden underneath your clothing, so they’ll be virtually invisible.

Of course, the size and visibility of your scars will depend on the type of tummy tuck you have. For example, a mini tummy tuck usually results in more minor, less visible scars than a full tummy tuck. And if you have a c-section scar, your surgeon will usually be able to place the incisions so that they are hidden within that scar.

You can rest assured that the scars will eventually fade and become less visible over time. So don’t let them deter you from getting the surgery you want!

Contact the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Naperville, IL, and the Surrounding Area

Tummy tuck surgery is a major procedure that requires time and patience to recover from. However, following these aftercare tips can help your recovery go more smoothly. 

Be sure to talk to our highly-experienced surgeons about any questions or concerns. And please don’t hesitate to contact us at 630-851-3223 to schedule a consultation.

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