Guide To Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

Posted on March 16th, 2017 by Dr. Bryan Rubach

You should consult your surgeon on how to prepare for your cosmetic surgery procedure. Every procedure is different and every patient is unique. But there are some general guidelines to follow that will give you the best chance of success if you’re visiting a cosmetic surgeon near Lisle IL, or in the surrounding areas.

Discuss your medical history.

Allergies, pre-existing conditions, medications, and more may affect the outcome of your surgery. You should discuss all of this with your doctor at your initial consultation. Certain things make some patients less suitable for cosmetic surgery. It’s important that your cosmetic surgeon knows everything that may affect you throughout the procedure.

Get a physical.

Cosmetic surgery is still surgery. There are risks, even if they seem minor. One way to reduce those risks is to get a physical. A physical examination by a doctor will reveal any potential issues you may have that you didn’t know about. Whether you think it’s necessary or not, get a physical. Small issues that you’ve been ignoring can influence you in an unexpected way on the day of the procedure.

Evaluate your expectations.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery will change your appearance forever. It will be for the better, but it will be different. The person you see in the mirror each morning will change. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the risks and your expectations. Taking the extra time it takes to get everything right before you get the surgery will pay off in the long run.

Arrange for help.

If the procedure you’re having done is an outpatient surgery, then you’ll need someone to drive you. It’s also best to have someone stay with you for a couple days after the surgery. This is in case you need help or experience any complications.


You’re taking a big step towards making your life better with a visit to a cosmetic surgeon. Take a deep breath, then spring into action. To find the best cosmetic surgeon near Lisle IL visit us at the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery.

We’ll provide helpful advice on how to best prepare for your surgery, whether it’s weeks out, or the day after tomorrow. You can visit our website to read about us, learn about our procedures, and schedule a consultation today!

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