Halloween Makeup Ideas

Posted on October 19th, 2017 by Dr. Bryan Rubach

Most of us can agree that one of the best parts about Halloween is dressing up. Deciding on your costume, finding the last item to make it perfect, and seeing other people’s costumes is always fun. However, sometimes what our costume is truly missing is the right makeup look! On the other hand, the right makeup look can be a costume all on its own, just add a simple outfit. If you are looking for a fun addition to your costume, or actually need a costume, get inspiration here!

Famous People and Characters

For some, certain makeup looks are iconic, and for this reason, their makeup look can get you far with your costume. Famous people such as David Bowie and Twiggy can have their most well-known makeup looks imitated with some face paint for Bowie and lots and lots of mascara for Twiggy. Characters from comic books, movies, and more are also imitable. Cartoon characters are often big hits in the makeup department, such as Betty Boop, Snow White, and Tinkerbell. You can also turn to more recent hits, like Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn. Done right, you won’t have to answer the question “What are you?” once on Halloween!


One of the biggest benefits of doing your makeup like an animal means that the rest of your costume does not usually need to be anything more than a monochromatic top and bottom or dress; add in a tail or a couple stripes and you’ll be set! Some of the best animals to focus on makeup for include a deer, butterfly, peacock, fish, leopard, and if you are rushed for time, a cat. For some of these, you may wan to consult with a trusted friend who is good with makeup if you don’t trust your own abilities!

Have Fun!

Ultimately, doing makeup and creating a Halloween costume is all in good fun. Don’t feel boxed in to do just famous characters and animals; makeup can transform you into pop art, a sugar skull, a clown, a mermaid, and so much more! Makeup is a great way to add something extra to your costume, or to have a costume in general. However, always remember to wash your face after you come home, as that much makeup should never be slept in. After Halloween, schedule a facial at our Infinity Medical Spa to rejuvenate after the combination of sweet treats, heavy makeup, and more!

Get even more makeup inspiration here!


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