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Posted on November 14th, 2013 by Dr. Bryan Rubach

Botox, Fillers & Light-Based Therapies Naperville


As the holiday season approaches, I am frequently asked what treatment options are available to spruce up one’s appearance that are quick, in office procedures that have little to no downtime. While there are many options available, the most common treatments are Botox, fillers, and light-based therapies. Botox softens or often eliminates wrinkles in the forehead and crows feet areas with a simple five minute procedure and no downtime. Fillers are used to add volume to areas that lose soft tissue volume.

As the face ages, we lose soft tissue volume throughout the entire face, however, the most significant changes occur in the mid-face area. This includes the region from the lower eyelid to the upper lip. With loss of soft tissue volume hollows begin to develop along the lower eyelid, a diagonal depression occurs across the mid portion of the cheek, and the nasal labial fold deepens. The nasolabial fold is the crease from the nose down to the corner of the mouth. The result is a very tired appearance. The mid facial area is the primary area that I like to add volume. It restores lost volume in a natural way and provides an immediate result. I am excited to offer new Juvedérm Voluma™ XC. This product offers the advantage of longevity of up to two years with one treatment.

Lastly, broad band light therapy dramatically improves aging skin with no downtime. This treatment lightens brown spots, decreases redness and flushing and improves overall tone and texture. Combined with a prescription level skincare program, dramatic results can be achieved. All of these modalities can be done with minimal to no downtime and are perfect for the holidays.

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