What is a Liquid Face Lift?

Posted on March 4th, 2014 by Dr. Bryan Rubach

I had the unique opportunity this weekend to be trained by Dr. Mauricio de Maio, a Plastic Surgeon and world-renowned expert on the use of facial fillers to achieve facial lifting and sculpting. This hands on training provided unique insight into the amazing possibilities that can be achieved with the use of facial fillers.

We are all familiar with the signs of facial aging, the tired worn-out look, facial sagging, and development of dark shadows beneath the eyelids in the cheek and jowl region. This has traditionally been treated with surgical procedures that lift the face. It has become widely accepted that volume loss is a key component of facial aging. One of the most popular options to restore volume has been fat augmentation. This requires a surgical procedure and significant extended healing due to swelling. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm® have been used to volumize folds and wrinkles in the skin for many years. Voluma™, a new product composed of hyaluronic acid, can now be used to volumize the deep soft tissues of the face and restore facial volume and even highlight and sculpt cheekbones chin and nasal areas.

Dr de Maio has developed techniques to strategically inject Voluma™ to create not only facial volumizing but also lifting due to relaxation of the facial musculature. This is important as certain muscles are involved in pulling the facial soft tissues downward. With his instruction and guidance, I treated a patient and was able to see the unbelievable results using this technique. The results were achieved instantaneously and last for years. Not only were the cheeks elevated but the chin and jaw area was similarly elevated. I was astounded as to the possibilities that can be achieved without the need for surgery.

I’m excited to apply these principles and techniques in my practice and look forward to sharing this with my patients.

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