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Increasingly patients are looking for non- invasive or minimally invasive procedures that do not require them to take time from work or their daily schedules for recovery. ThermiAesthetics has developed innovative technology to decrease wrinkles and tighten and improve facial and body laxity that occurs with aging. The major benefit of this technology is that it can be done in the office setting without the need for anesthesia and with minimal to no downtime.


At The Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, the ThermiRase Nerve Ablation procedure can provide excellent facial wrinkle reduction with much longer lasting results than you get from neurotoxins like Botox. We are happy to be one of the first in the nation to offer this exciting new treatment. Rather than injecting a toxin into your muscles, the ThermiRase system heats the nerves that cause the wrinkling so they stop working. The nerves stop working, which lets the muscles relax for as long as a year or more. The treatment can be repeated as needed to maintain your smooth skin.

How does ThermiRase Nerve Ablation work?

The ThermiRase system allows Dr. Rubach to accurately locate and treat the nerves that cause skin wrinkles in the glabellar area. ThermiRase, just like Botox, prevents the problem facial muscles from functioning, and gives you a more relaxed and natural look. Botox changes how the muscle works, but ThermiRase changes how the nerves to the muscles work. The result is the same, but the results last much longer with ThermiRase. It is performed in our office, using local anesthesia and combines electrical and radiofrequency stimulation to identify and relax only the muscles that cause wrinkles. The results are immediate. Only one treatment is needed.


Currently there is a demand for patients seeking small adjustments to body contour in areas that have been previously hard to treat. There is patient demand for a more reliable, less painful and safer procedure to treat small areas of fat deposits:

 Submental (Neck)
 Axillary fold
 Arms (Triceps Area)
 Abdomen (Love Handles)
 Knees

The ThermiAesthetics device is an FDA approved device that provides a minimally-invasive solution using radiofrequency (RF) energy for fat reduction anywhere on the body. ThermiTight differs from current radio-frequency technologies that treat the surface of the skin. Instead, a tiny radio- frequency probe delivers the prescribed dose of safe RF energy beneath the skin. This not only tightens the skin but also contours the treatment area through selective fat reduction. The end result is an improvement in contour and tightening of the skin in the treatment area.

Read what the patient above has to say!

“After losing about 35 lbs and with the normal effects of aging I became very aware of the loose and sagging skin in my under chin area. I was incredibly self-conscious about it and avoided taking photographs, especially any profile shots. I wanted to have a chin lift, but was adverse to any type of surgical procedure. One day while speaking to Dr. Rubach I mentioned my unhappiness with my chin and my desire for a non-surgical fix. He advised me of ThermiTight, a new non-surgical treatment option that he thought would greatly improve the appearance of my under chin / neck area. He explained the procedure to me and I was immediately ready to give it a try. I scheduled my appointment in the following weeks.

During the treatment I was wide awake and I can say that, for me, the procedure was painless. I was aware of what was going on and Dr. Rubach did a great job of keeping me relaxed as he explained exactly what he was doing. It took about an hour and my overall perception was that it was not uncomfortable, just more of a strange feeling being able to see and hear the movement of the electrode. After the treatment I felt a slight discomfort in the area, but this was reduced by wearing the wrap provided and taking a few over-the-counter pain relievers. Over the next few days the discomfort subsided and I continued to wear the wrap as directed.

Dr. Rubach let me know that the results would be gradual and I could expect to see continued improvement over 3 -6 months. I saw significant improvements within the first month and continued to see improvements until at least 4 months after the procedure. I am extremely happy with the results and am much more confident in my appearance. I would undergo the procedure again, if the need arises, and I would absolutely recommend this to people who want to look and feel better and would like an alternative to surgical options. ” – CA

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