The Visia Complexion Analysis System

The Visia Complexion
Analysis System

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All About The VISIA Complexion Analysis System

To achieve perfect, glowing skin, often people choose to work with skin specialists for expert advice and quality treatment. At the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, our patients receive just that. People usually come into our offices seeking med spa treatments, skincare recommendations, and other skin-improvement procedures such as Botox in Naperville, IL. However, an optimal skincare regimen usually includes a variety of treatments over a period of time, not simply one or two.

The most effective way to determine what treatments will help patients achieve the clearer, brighter complexions they desire is by using the VISIA facial imaging system. We utilize this system for every new patient in order to perform an in-depth complexion analysis. With the analysis, we can identify levels of sun damage, textural issues, uneven pigmentation, vascular layout and redness, and more.

The VISIA skin analysis tool allows us to determine the best skincare regimen for each patient, based entirely on their own specific needs, desired skincare goals, age, and more. The VISIA system is suitable for every ethnicity and skin type.

How Does It Work

With the VISIA skin complexion analysis system, we are able to provide a recommended treatment plan, and a skin health overview for every patient that visits our practice.

The VISIA system is also used to provide progress reports following skincare treatments, such as facials, and Botox injections.

The VISIA system works by capturing visual irregularities in the skin, both on the surface and in the deeper layers, by taking a 3D topography of the skin and analyzing the collected data. It measures everything from wrinkles and sun damage, to hyperpigmentation and pore size using cross-polarized and UV lighting. Unique color signatures are also measured. With a VISIA scan, we can locate brown spots, red areas, acne scars, and other issues that may not be immediately noticeable to the naked eye.

The process is painless and fast, and is no different from having your picture taken. After your first appointment and scan, we will be able to compare future scans to your first analysis. This allows us to both show you and measure the improvements made in your skin following skin care products and treatments.

Treatments vary from individual to individual. One example of a popular treatment we offer at the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery is Moxi, a Sciton laser treatment that provides substantial skincare benefits without excess downtime. Moxi is safe for every skin type and treats uneven pigmentation, texture, sun damage, skin aging, and more. Moxi is great for patients who are just beginning a skincare regimen, and it is safe and gentle enough to be performed every four to six weeks.

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From wrinkle treatment, to cosmetic surgery, the team at the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery provides the kind of quality treatment(s) you would expect from one of the best skincare experts and facelift surgeons in Naperville.

Whether you are interested in Botox, skincare recommendations, Moxi laser treatments in Naperville, IL, contact us at the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery today. You can trust us to utilize the latest technology to help you achieve your complexion goals.

To find out more about the VISIA complexion analysis tool, please visit our videos page.

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