Are You Suffering from Hyperhidrosis?

Posted on February 19th, 2019 by Margo

It’s normal to sweat on occasions such as working out or being stressed out, but excessive, uncontrollable sweating is something that should be treated. The medical term for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis and it can occur on different areas of your body, including your underarms or the palms and soles of your feet. You may be wondering what our cosmetic surgeon in Lisle, Il has to do with excessive sweating, but Botox can actually help keep hyperhidrosis under control.

Approximately 2-3 percent of Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis, and it impacts both men and women equally. Many people quickly lose confidence when they suffer from hyperhidrosis, as sweat quickly stains clothes, ruins intimate moments or impact career success.

The Process

Through a series of small Botox injections in the affected area, you can find temporary relief from hyperhidrosis. This process is FDA-approved and it helps block the nerves that trigger the production of sweat. While the procedure has temporary effects, they will still last anywhere between seven and nine months. This small procedure can make all of the difference in your confidence.

After the short procedure is over, not only will you see a change in your sweating, but you will also immediately feel a sense of relief that you no longer have to suffer from embarrassing sweat appearing at the worst times.

If you suffer from the embarrassing effects of hyperhidrosis and you want to take action, please contact our cosmetic surgeon in Lisle, Il to schedule a consultation.

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