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*No two procedures are the same and results will vary from patient to patient.

Unhappy with the Size of Your Breasts?

Breast Augmentation Naperville, Aurora, Lisle

Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts for one reason or another. One of the most popular options for overcoming this obstacle is breast augmentation in Naperville, IL. Also known as breast implants, this procedure can change the shape, size and even the position of the breasts so women can feel more confident in the way they look. In today’s society, it’s all about body image. We can help you get the body you’ve always wanted.*

Your Consultation

When you first meet with our experienced surgeon, Dr. Joseph Franco, you will discuss the breast augmentation procedure in Naperville, IL. First, we will ask you what you hope to achieve with this procedure. Many women have an idea of what they want their breasts to look like. Understanding these desires can help us create a better treatment plan. We will also complete an examination to determine the best course of action. The right implants depend on the existing size and shape of the breasts, chest and body shape and size, and laxity of existing tissues, as well as other factors.

A Safe, Effective Procedure

Breast augmentation in Naperville, IL, is a safe and effective procedure that can give you the look you’ve always wanted. In some situations, we may also recommend a breast lift to enhance the look of your breasts. We only use FDA approved implants, giving you peace of mind that your body is safe, whether you choose saline or silicone implants for your procedure.

Saline Implants


Common Reasons For Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons a woman might want to consider breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty. In today’s world, many women strive to attain a beautiful, feminine figure, and fortunately there are options available for those who wish to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Beauty can mean a million different things to a million different people, but the ideal image is in fact, what appeals to you. Women everywhere often wish their breasts were larger, a different shape, even repositioned. Fortunately, breast procedures and other cosmetic enhancements, which can help provide a sense of comfort and confidence, are readily available.

Breast augmentation is a procedure many women choose to take advantage of, whether they wish to enlarge their breasts for cosmetic reasons or a life event has disfigured or reduced the size or elasticity of the breast tissue. These events can range from pregnancy, a physically disfiguring accident, weight loss, or surgery.

Most women decide on breast augmentation to enhance their natural breast size and feel more confident about their bodies. Breast augmentation provides a fuller, more youthful appearance. This procedure can also create a more balanced look, if you feel lack of symmetry is a problem. You can also choose to reposition your breasts so they are higher, as well as add volume to the entire area.

Your Options

For breast augmentation, there are two different implants you may choose from that your doctor may recommend. The first is silicone, which is a thick gel filled implant. The second is saline, a sterile water solution, used to fill the implant once it is surgically inserted.

Implants can either be inserted beneath the muscle or outside of it. Soreness and sensitivity is expected after either procedure, but when placing an implant beneath the muscle it may take slightly longer for your breasts to heal.

Implants can be inserted by three different locations, including the armpit, at the lower crease between the breast and ribs, or around the areola. Each of these insertion methods will be discussed in detail with your doctor before you make your final decision.

*All patient testimonials express individual opinions. These testimonials have not been substantiated by Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. No two procedures are the same and results will vary from patient to patient.

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