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Everyone enjoys the feeling of confidence that comes from being comfortable with their appearance. There is evidence that individuals who are content with how they look, live longer, happier lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a well-sculpted body and smooth, beautiful skin. Furthermore, even the lucky few who receive those coveted “good genes” in the beginning may experience undesirable aesthetic changes due to the effects of time, environmental stressors, and various medical conditions.

Much of what life throws at us leads to premature signs of aging, fat accumulation, and dull, unhealthy skin. In cases such as these, The Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is here to help you successfully reverse these effects, using our extensive array of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

The Finest in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Treatment

Our goal is to provide each client with the ultimate in medical corrective skin care procedures and products so that the finest results can be achieved and easily maintained. *

Cutting-Edge Technology Yields Superior Results

At CCLS, we take pride in offering industry-leading products and services to help our clients enhance their natural beauty, achieve their aesthetic goals, and achieve superior results. Our dedicated staff provides unsurpassed service using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Individualized Treatment Plans

All our services are customized to the needs of each individual client, ensuring every aspect of your treatment plan is tailored to your expectations. Whether you are looking for a complete makeover, or just want to see a couple of crow’s feet disappear, our talented and courteous staff is here to help.


Our Med Spa treatments include various types of facials, including HydraFacial and BBL (broadband light) treatments.


Medically based spa treatments & procedures are combined with highly active anti-aging treatment products to significantly change all types of aging skin. HydraFacial Treatment is a customizable, non-invasive treatment using patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

We offer various treatments at our medical spa in Naperville to rejuvenate the skin, providing a more youthful and healthy appearance. These include chemical peels, Dermaplane, and the Sciton HALO Treatment.


Dermaplane is a non-surgical and non-invasive exfoliating treatment with zero downtime. This treatment helps those with dull skin, dry patches, sun damage and fine lines. While removing pesky vellus hair, it removes dead skin cells leaving you with smooth and brighter skin. Removing the dead skin and “peach fuzz” allows better penetration of your skincare products – making them more effective.

Injectable Treatments

When it comes to melting away fine lines and wrinkles, injectable treatments offer a variety of solutions. We offer multiple options including Botox, Dysport, Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus, Kybella, Skinvive, Volbella, Vollure, Voluma, and Volux.

Botox® Cosmetic

The procedure relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, so they do not contract. The treatment requires 15 minutes with no additional time needed for recovery. Patients can return to work or social activities immediately.


As you age, your skin changes. For example, it reduces the production of a naturally hydrating substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). Over time, the loss of HA in your skin results in facial wrinkles and folds. JUVÉDERM® injectable gel replaces the HA your skin has lost, bringing back its volume and smoothing away imperfections.* A breakthrough in HA gel and the only HA filler that’s FDA approved to last up to a year!

Skin Tightening and Non-Surgical Body Contouring

The service we offer at our medical spa in Naperville CoolSculpting to reduce fat deposits, and help you achieve the aesthetic results you desire. Both procedures offer solutions to improve problem areas with no surgery required!

CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting is the non-surgical procedure that literally eliminates fat cells by freezing them. During the procedure, the patient sits in a chair while a technician applies the CoolSculpting device to the area of focus. Patients can spend this time using their laptops, reading, or relaxing while freezing temperatures wipe out fat cells. Healthy cells remain while only fat cells are targeted and eliminated.


CoolTone works by triggering muscle contractions which stimulate growth and tones the treatment area just as if you were completing an intense workout. However, the CoolTone device actually stimulates stronger contractions within the muscles than those your body could achieve on its own. CoolTone also helps to reduce fat in the treated areas.

For more information about non-surgical procedures and our Med Spa in Naperville, check out our FAQ page here!

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I had a wonderful experience with Allison and I love my results! She took the time to go through all of my questions and made me feel at ease. I look forward to seeing her again this year!

~ Colleen Rehfeld

Veronica is the best!!! She is so sweet, very knowledgeable, and helped me feel comfortable throughout the entire Botox and filler process. My results are everything I was looking for! Thanks for my confidence boost! I’ll definitely be back.

~ Parker Gaglia

First time here & I will definitely be back! Allison did my Botox. She was honest when I asked her what areas she thought botox would be best for me & explained the whole process. I have received botox at other cosmetic centers & this was by far the best experience!

~ Nicole Wilson