Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Posted on September 15th, 2016 by Dr. Bryan Rubach

Though many associate breast surgery with augmentation, women turn to breast reduction for a variety of reasons. From medical problems to increased self-confidence, a breast reduction is a surgery that women turn to when their breasts are too large for their body. The benefits of a breast reduction vary depending on each case, but there are common advantages patients often see.

Decreased Back Pain

In general, women with large breasts deal with quite a bit of back pain due to a couple of factors. Whenever there is weight on the front of one’s chest, your back experiences strain; the greater the weight, the more strain your back feels. In addition, women with large breasts deal with more pressure on their shoulders because of bra straps, which can lead to even more back pain. Though yoga, chiropractic care, and more can assist with this pain, it will continue when one has large breasts.

Better Posture

To go along with back pain, large breasts can cause one to slouch more because of the greater weight on your chest. Bad posture can lead to neck and back pain, as well as lowers circulation. Oftentimes, bad posture because of large breasts is a confidence issue, as sometimes one will want to cover up more.

Increased Confidence

Though some get a breast augmentation to increase confidence, some get a breast reduction to increase their confidence-and either way is okay! When one has large breasts, it can be hard to find clothes that look good, bras that fit right, and more. With a breast reduction, patients often find that they feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally, leading to an increase in self-esteem.

Breast Reductions in Naperville

With the expert surgeons at the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, you can discuss your expectations, as well as any concerns and questions you may have about your breast reduction. If these benefits of a breast reduction appeal to you, contact our office to schedule a consultation!


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