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Botox for Bruxism

Published by Aubrey Sohaney

Stop Teeth Grinding with Botox

There is a treatment that is growing in popularity today, and for good reason. The treatment is Botox. No, not that one… It’s Botox for Bruxism.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um) is a medical condition whereby one grinds, clenches or gnashes their teeth. This grinding can occur during waking hours, or at night while you sleep. Causes of Bruxism can vary. Ranging from stress and anxiety, to an improper bite.

The side effects of untreated Bruxism can range from neck and jaw pain, to headaches, loose, worn down, and broken teeth. The jaw becomes full at the bottom, which can result in a heavy appearance.

Why Botox?

Your masseters, the same muscles involved in chewing, are responsible for teeth grinding. The masseter muscle, which lies on each side of the face, is located along the jawline and just under the cheek. These muscles when enlarged, become prominent and can result in a widened and masculine appearance in females. Botox assists by reducing the strength and size of the muscle.

I once treated a patient who had lost five teeth to Bruxism prior to seeing me. She had suffered with daily headaches jaw and neck pain. In addition, she had developed a very prominent jawline. After being treated with Botox in her masseters, her symptoms virtually disappeared! She was completely pain free. In addition, her jawline was reduced which gave her a more feminine appearance.

The treatment is a relatively quick and easy procedure. Approximately 20-25 units of Botox are injected into each masseter muscle. The results begin within days, and last up to 6-8 months, at which time the procedure is usually repeated.

Please call to schedule your complimentary consultation. See if Botox for Bruxism is right for you.

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