Combat the Unexpected Changes of Pregnancy

Posted on July 13th, 2017 by Margo

While having a child may bring you the greatest joy you will ever experience, the effects of childbirth and breastfeeding are less than ideal for your figure. At the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, we are implementing innovative solutions to reverse the after-effects of pregnancy.

Many new mothers are taken by surprise by some of the changes in their bodies. So, we will go over a few of those unexpected changes and how the Mommy Makeover aims to mitigate these natural but sometimes undesired effects of childbearing.

With the Mommy Makeover, we have paired a variety of techniques—including breast augmentation in Naperville, Illinois—that work together to help you attain your pre-pregnancy figure.

Changes in Breast Size and/or Shape

Breast augmentation in Naperville, Illinois is paramount to offsetting the effects of childbirth on a woman’s breasts. It’s well known that a woman’s breasts will enlarge during and after birth, especially during breastfeeding. However, it’s less known that the increase in cup size causes the breasts to sag and/or shrink when breastfeeding is finished.

Interestingly, a 2008 study found that breastfeeding is not the culprit for changing breasts. Instead, the main risk factors found were “higher BMI, a greater number of pregnancies, larger bra size before pregnancy, history of smoking, and older age.”

Breast augmentation procedures are an essential part of the Mommy Makeover. These procedures address any change in size or shape that pregnancies may cause.

Stretched Abdominal Muscles

Because most women’s stomachs increase in size so quickly during pregnancy, stretch marks are inevitable. Creams can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but tummy tucks—part of the Mommy Makeover—are very effective at removing the stretch marks altogether.

Varicose Veins

During pregnancy, weight gain often results in the appearance of varicose veins. Combined with the Mommy Makeover, laser treatment has been shown to be effective at removing varicose veins remaining after pregnancy.

Learn more about our Mommy Makeover package, and experience the finest in breast augmentation in Naperville, Illinois at the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery.

We’ll provide helpful advice on what procedures will fit your needs, how to best prepare for surgery, and whatever other questions you may have. You can visit the rest of our website to read about us, learn about our procedures, and schedule a consultation today.

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