What Does ‘Minimally Invasive’ Mean?

Posted on October 23rd, 2014 by Dr. Bryan Rubach

Minimally invasive has become the buzz word for the last several years as it relates to cosmetic surgery. This is defined as procedures that require less surgery, less downtime, less in the way of incisions. Technology has advanced over the last decade that now allows us to apply these minimally invasive techniques for our patients. There is however a very important caveat to this minimally invasive approach. It is essential that the desired result is achieved and that our patients are satisfied with the results of the procedure. In some cases a more traditional time tested procedure is necessary to achieve the desired result. I always approach a treatment plan with the least invasive, least involved approach that will achieve the desired goals.

With this in mind, it is essential to match the appropriate technique to the appropriate problem. In general if there are early less significant aging changes than a less involved approach can be applied. I am absolutely thrilled about the new fillers and the degree of facial sculpting that I can achieve with this minimally invasive approach. I can say with full confidence that nearly everyone can benefit from fillers in achieving an improvement in facial contour, whether it be augmenting the cheek bones, eliminating the shadows of the face that occur with age, or eliminating wrinkles. However, with more significant aging changes and facial laxity, often face lifting is necessary. With early to moderate aging, a minimally invasive face lift can be done. This is beneficial in that there is a much smaller incision, minimal bruising, and quick healing. In some cases though it is necessary to undergo a traditional facelift.

Ultimately, determining that best approach, whether it is non invasive, minimally invasive or traditional, requires skill and experience. I find it essential to sit down and take the time for a comprehensive consultation with each patient. I want to understand the goals and create the appropriate treatment plan so that we can exceed expectations.

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