Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

Posted on March 8th, 2017 by Dr. Bryan Rubach

After thoughtful consideration and research, you have decided to move forward with procedures to restore yourself to a more youthful, fit, or toned figure that may have been slowly taken from you through the childbearing years or natural aging process. In addition, you have carefully researched and thoughtfully selected an experienced surgeon who has tailored a specific plan to help you achieve your individual goals.

So, at this point, you would like to prepare for your procedures in order to optimize results. First and foremost, you would like to be sure that you have no desire to expand your family. While pregnancy is possible after plastic surgery, it has the potential to reverse the effects of those procedures. If you have recently had children you will want to make sure that you either reached your baseline weight, or have plateau at your new baseline weight. It is also imperative that you are no longer breast-feeding or lactating for approximately six weeks prior to surgery. Significant hormonal changes will occur after the completion of breast-feeding.

If you have any significant medical problems there may be a need to discuss this with your treating physician prior to undergoing a procedure. With regards to medications, you must be very specific with your surgical team regarding any medications, vitamins or supplements that you may be taking. In addition to prescription medication, supplements can have significant effects on healing as well as bleeding. Because of the lack of oversight of the supplement industry, it is usually recommended to discontinue all non-prescription medications. Your physician will likely have a list of specific over-the-counter medication such as aspirin which must not be taken in the preoperative period.

Nicotine should be avoided by surgical patients. It is consumed either through cigarettes, cigars, pipes, gums, patches and even second-hand smoke. Nicotine can hamper healing and therefore should not be consumed for eight weeks prior to surgery and eight weeks after surgery in any form.

Finally, while no one can control common illnesses such as the cold or flu, or even small infections, your surgical procedure may need to be postponed should you become ill at the time of surgery.

By following these instructions, as well as any others provided by your surgical team, you can best optimize the results of your procedures.

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