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Looking younger in your 40s is easier than ever with the skincare treatments available to you at the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. Whether you are looking for maintenance or a major update, the best cosmetic surgeons in Naperville, IL can help you achieve a refreshed youthful look. .


Skin, especially the skin around your face, is extremely delicate. While you may have a daily skin care regimen to slow down the aging process our doctors at the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery will recommend the perfect clinical skincare for you. The Infinity Medical Spa offers ten different types of facials, peels, microdermabrasion and masks for you to customize your age reversing regimine. These procedures can address the concerns of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging or deflated skin, and sun damage. Laser treatments are also a great non-surgical way to improve the look of your skin. Botox and fillers are a minimally invasive and immediate solution to natural signs of aging. Our aestheticians provide medical level cosmetic procedures  in Naperville, IL and can recommend the procedure that is right for you to achieve your beauty goals.


Many women experience a loss of collagen in their forties. This may cause sagging and drooping of skin on the face and may cause you to look much older. The Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery offers a few options to reverse this effect. A facelift in your forties can correct any initial signs of aging before the volume and sagging of skin becomes dramatic. It is a great preventative measure to keep you looking young for many years to come. If you are looking for a subtle change, a mini facelift may be right for you. If you are looking for a less invasive procedure that can mimic the appearance of a facelift, a fat transfer could be the solution for you. A fat transfer is a procedure where fat is taken from another part of your body into areas in your face that have lost volume. Each procedure is customized to the patient’s area of concern, but the fat can be transferred to cheeks, eyes and jawline to increase the volume on your face making you appear younger. A fat transfer is a long lasting procedure as a portion of the transferred fat will settle permanently offering you a less invasive solution than surgery.


Many women focus on treating their face and neglect their neck, and when they turn 40 they notice their neck shows significant signs of aging. Sagging loose skin can cause a double chin, create crepey skin and change your jawline. A neck lift at the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is a great solution for both men and women to appear a decade younger. The procedure involves liposuction followed by the tightening of loose muscles and skins. A neck lift in your 40s will correct the signs of aging before they are a major issue.


Your eyes are the first thing many people notice about you. In your 40s you may notice fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin surrounding your eyes. At the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, we offer a few treatments that go beyond topical creams and injections. To achieve a long lasting younger look in your 40s, you may opt for an eye lift or a brow lift. An eyebrow lift lifts the skin on your forehead and elevates the eyebrows. The result is more open eyes and  a brighter more youthful appearance.


Aging can cause lips to appear deflated and less voluminous. Whether you want to restore your lips to their original fullness, or you wish to enhance the look of your lips, your doctor at the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery can use fillers such as juvederm to immediately plump and fill your lips. Fuller lips help you achieve a younger more vibrant look.


Many people begin to notice significant changes in their body in their 40s. Whether you are recovering from having children, or simply cannot get back into the shape you were in when you were in your 20s. The best cosmetic surgeons in Aurora, Il at the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is here to help you restore your body to your ideal shape. Below are some procedures to revamp your body that are common for people in their 40s.


Stubborn fat around the waist is a common complaint for most people. When people are in their 40s, this complaint is more exaggerated. With help from the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, you no longer have to worry about excess weight. CoolSculpting is an innovative new non-surgical option for getting rid of unwanted stomach fat. If you have dieted and exercised but are unable to get rid of the final stubborn fat CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells, which, over time are processed by your body naturally and eventually eliminated. The procedure is surgery, needle and knife free so after the treatment patients can return to their normal day. Often times patients can see results after a single treatment and results can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle.


As women age, the elasticity of the breasts begins to diminish and they can begin to sag. The effect is especially noticeable after having children. To counter the effects of aging, women may elect for a breast lift or augmentation. If you are seeking fuller and perkier breasts, breast augmentation could be a solution for you. A breast augmentation can be a subtle enhancement or a significant increase. Your doctor at the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery will help you design the size and shape of your breast augmentation to boost your confidence and feel young again.

If you are looking to restore your breasts to their original youthful appearance, a breast lift can help you improve your look and self confidence by tightening the skin and removes excess skin to restore their original firmness and shape. The best cosmetic surgeons in Aurora, Il at the Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery can help you decide which procedure is right for you.


The 40s are often a time when many people have finished having children. Pregnancy and childbirth can have a big impact on your body, especially your vagina. Labiaplasty or vaginoplasty is the process of reducing the length of the labia minora. This procedure provides relief to those who feel self-conscious or experience tugging tor twisting during intercourse. Contact the best cosmetic surgeons in Aurora, IL to discuss your options.  

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