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Baggy or droopy eyelids create a tired worn out look and can also impair your vision, but with upper and lower blepharoplasty, your eyes can look younger and more alert. Men can reduce the issue of always looking tired  by undergoing this procedure. Blepharoplasty creates a long lasting result and rarely needs to be done again. After blepharoplasty, you will see a more rested and youthful look, which can give you more self-confidence.

Face Lift

Development of jowl and neck laxity is one of the most prominent aspects of facial aging that creates a tired and old appearance. A facelift lifts and restores the lax soft tissues of the lower face and neck. Done by an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon, the results are natural and restore back the contour of the neck and jawline to a youthful face.  


A Hydrafacial can help with skin damage due to shaving or coarse facial skin. Large and clogged pores that lead to blackheads and pimples can be significantly improved with a Hydrafacial as well. Known as a non-laser and noninvasive treatment, a Hydrafacial is designed to help resurface the skin, clean your pores, and hydrate your face. Men will see results such as elimination of fine lines, lightened spots, and faded scars from acne breakouts or razor bumps with a series of treatments. 


Whether there was a prior injury or you just want to have a more attractive nose, men seek rhinoplasty for many different reasons. Typically, the nasal shape is improved by decreasing the bump on the dorsum, narrowing the nasal bones or refining the shape of the nasal tip. Traumatic injury often causes structural changes on the outside and inside of the nose. In this case, the procedure not only addresses the  shape of the nose but can also address the internal structural problems and improve breathing. However, rhinoplasty is a very technical surgery, so it’s important to choose an experienced surgeon.

Chin Augmentation

As a man, it’s possible you may want to have a more defined jawline, which is where chin augmentation comes in. We offer a custom-fitted chin implants that help improve your facial features and profile. Many times, chin augmentation and rhinoplasty are done at the same time in order to improve the symmetry in your facial structure. 


Known as a safe and effective treatment to address a double chin, Kybella is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment that dissolves fat cells. It can reduce your double chin, giving you a better neck and jawline without undergoing surgery. We can help customize a treatment plan depending on your face structure and what you want your results to be. 

Botox / Dermal Fillers

More and more men are getting non surgical treatments like  Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers diminish lines and wrinkles that occur are the inevitable signs of aging. Botox and dermal fillers can help men re-discover their self-esteem and confidence. Botox is a simple injection that relaxes muscles that cause facial wrinkling. Fillers are used to restore back lost facial volume or to fill in hollows that occur with facial aging.  Because this is a non-surgical solution for wrinkles and fine lines, it requires no anesthesia and only takes a few minutes—it’s easy to fit into your busy schedule. 

Otoplasty / Ear Surgery

Otoplasty surgery is a procedure that allows your ears to be reshaped to improve the appearance and symmetry of your face. Otoplasty is done for floppy ears that protrude outward. This procedure is completed by our professional, double board certified highly experienced Facial plastic surgeon.. 

Neck Lift

The neck has always been a problem spot for men, showing signs of aging. As you grow older the skin around your jaw and under the chin loses elasticity. For men, jaw definition and contouring is important in order to have a prominent chin and a younger overall appearance.  A prominent jawline is an essential component of a strong masculine face. 



Get rid of stubborn belly fat and love handles with a CoolSculpting treatment—the innovative and non-surgical option for removing unwanted fat. CoolSculpting targets the unwanted fat cells and reduces fat bulges with no down-time. With a healthy lifestyle and normal diet, long term results will remain stable and you will see the best results within three months of your procedure. You can say goodbye to the “dad bod” and hello to the “summer bod” with a session of CoolSculpting.


Male liposuction targets unwanted fat and permanently removes it from certain areas of your body—your abdomen, love handles, thighs, hips, etc.—to create the body image you want to see. It’s important to know that there are different  factors depending on the specifics of your body structure to determine the optimal procedure and outcome. It may be necessary to avoid strenuous physical activity for 3 to 4 weeks after your procedure to achieving optimal results. 

Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction

As a man, you may be suffering from enlarged male breasts, so we offer cosmetic surgery to achieve a contoured chest, giving you a firmer and flatter look.. Enlarged male breasts can be hereditary and may require liposuction or surgery to removing excessive glandular tissue, fat, and skin. We can help you gain confidence and restore your self-esteem with the flat and firm chest you’ve always desired. 

Pectoral Implant Surgery

Men can finally get the definition they want in the chest area with pectoral augmentation, a procedure that involves pectoral implants in the chest region to create bulk. Sometimes, when your diet and exercise routines aren’t working for you, you can turn to pectoral implants to get a more defined shape, additional thickness, or fullness in the chest area. Additionally, people turn to pectoral implants if they’ve suffered from an illness or injury that leaves their chest with abnormalities. Reach out to learn more about our silicone-based implants that are durable and safe. 

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