Who Can Benefit from Cheek Implants?

Posted on January 11th, 2019 by Margo

When you think of cosmetic surgery, your mind likely goes to procedures like nose jobs or facelifts. Don’t forget about cheek implants in Naperville! Over time, you may find that your face is losing the definition it once had. This can result in loose, sagging facial skin and excess wrinkles throughout your face. Thankfully, if you feel self-conscious about the contours of your face, you can do something about it!

Define Your Cheekbones

Defined cheekbones can help improve the appearance of your face and make you look and feel younger. Rather than relying on makeup to improve the appearance of your cheeks, surgery can help lift your cheekbones and add volume to them. During your consultation for cheek implants in Naperville, you will talk with your doctor about your desired results and the ideal shape and size for your implants, as well as the necessary means to achieve this.

The Procedure

There are multiple methods in getting firmer, higher cheekbones. You can augment the cheeks via a solid implant over the cheekbone itself. Injections of fat is another method of achieving this look. Finally, soft tissue fillers such as Restylane are another way to do so. You will discuss the different options during your consultation.

Seeing the Results

After the procedure is over, it may be difficult to immediately see the results because of swelling. Once swelling has gone down, you can also opt for fillers to help touch-up your final look.

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